Does this sound familiar?

You’re an entrepreneur and that means you wear multiple hats.

You work hard. You’re stressed.

Your family depends on your success with the business.

But, there’s never enough time - sales, marketing, employee issues, etc. You’re a firefighter, police officer, handyman, manager, diplomat. You name the title and it’s your responsibility.

You know how to run your business. But, you don’t HAVE to run every aspect of your business.

You've done things the hard way, like ... 

Tried the cheap website builders.

Spent hours on YouTube and Google to make zero progress towards finishing your website. Instead, you end up watching baby goat videos. You can't deny they're so cute and funny. 

You even tried those freelancing sites.

And you realize that work is done cheap for a reason. You'd rather not have to decipher jargon PLUS a foreign accent. 

Fast forward a few months ... 

Imagine … 

You had another new client compliment you on your amazing website. 

You have a system for collecting leads to your email list. 

You're no longer embarrassed to hand out your business card because your website finally represents your practice. And is attracting more of the right kinds of clients.

Kristy Burge

Hey, I'm Kristy

I build custom websites for small businesses
that focus on making your ideal clients want to hire you. 

As a web designer & developer, I'm here to take the technology piece off your plate. 

I learned to code after working in the online business industry and helping other entrepreneurs troubleshoot website issues.

I quickly discovered that I had a knack (and love) for solving technical problems, so I focused on WordPress technical support and theme design & development.

In a previous life, I crunched numbers and implemented new technology in corporate finance and accounting departments. I learned that logical skills and Excel ninja tricks transfer well to coding.

My Philosophy

I believe that technology is meant to enhance and help our daily lives. It's not supposed to be a replacement for human interaction.

So, my approach to building websites is finding a solution that makes your life easier while giving you the freedom to build real relationships with your customers.

Chester, the beagle

Hiking with Chester in Washington

Outside of making the web a prettier and more functional place, I enjoy spending my free time: 

  • drinking wine by sunset
  • hiking, exploring, traveling
  • spending time with my husband
  • walking and hanging out with our neurotic (but super sweet) beagle
  • learning about natural and alternative health 
  • working out (mainly kettlebells and bodyweight stuff)

I'd love to take your website headaches off your plate. Let's work together!